23 Dec

Burgos Cathedral unveils a new work of art with ‘Stella’, a multimedia cultural experience developed by Endesa

An immersive experience of light, sound and videomapping will allow visitors to enjoy Burgos Cathedral as never seen before thanks to innovative artistic lighting inside the chapels and liturgical spaces. Endesa and its Foundation have developed this multimedia project, called ‘Stella’, which explains the historical, social and religious history of Burgos Cathedral. The initiative is part of the events organised by the Cathedral VIII Centenary Foundation – Burgos 2021 to commemorate the 800 years of the temple.

‘Stella’ is a powerful immersive visual storytelling based on light and sound with stunning optical illusions, special effects and the latest technologies in videomapping. All of this is complemented by an emotive original soundtrack. Specifically composed for the occasion, it accompanies the rhythm of the story, and accentuates the most outstanding and spiritual moments of the dramatisation. The rigorous and exhaustive documentation process, both theological and historical, has made it possible to recover an unpublished 15th century salve from the Cathedral archives, which will be heard for the first time during this tour.

It is therefore a nocturnal visit that offers a different way of getting to know Burgos Cathedral, of understanding its significance as a space, of listening to its message and feeling its spirit. In its approximately sixty-minute duration, it takes visitors on an immersive, multimedia tour of the chapel of the Presentation, the chapel of Santa Ana, the Golden Staircase, the chapel of the Constables, the main altarpiece and the central nave, with the dome as the central axis and end point of the tour. The Archbishop and President of the Cathedral VIII Centenary Foundation – Burgos 2021, Mario Iceta, highlighted during the opening ceremony held yesterday the “excellent work of light and sound” that allows us to get to know the Cathedral of Burgos “from a new and profound point of view. The title ‘Stella’ refers to the Virgin Mary, who is the morning star. She not only reflects the light of the sun, Jesus Christ, but also shines with her perpetual virginity and motherhood”.

It is an honour for the Fundación Endesa to participate in this unique and historic moment, and to be able to celebrate together the 800th anniversary of this exceptional monument -said Endesa’s Chairman, Juan Sánchez-Calero-. Through the development of this spectacular and attractive cultural proposal, we are contributing, in addition to capturing and multiplying the beauty of the temple, to its revitalisation and national and international projection. And we do it in a responsible way, using the most advanced and innovative technology, which will favour its energy saving, making it a novel and sustainable experience. ‘Stella’ will be the light of Burgos and the rest of the world”. In fact, it is a carbon neutral visit.

Endesa has developed the ‘Stella’ project with the support of the Fundación Endesa, an organisation with more than 20 years of experience and responsible for more than 700 artistic illuminations of monuments throughout Spain. In addition, two of the company’s main business lines have been involved: Endesa Energía, which will provide the electricity supply for one year, and Endesa X, a subsidiary specialising in urban and artistic lighting, which has provided the technical execution of the project.

José Bogas, Endesa’s CEO, stressed that the company is joining this celebration “doing what we do best, bringing our energy, bringing light so that we can all continue to enjoy this magnificent temple. Supporting and promoting culture in many of its forms is one of our hallmarks and that is why we are attending this inauguration today with enthusiasm, humility and illusion, knowing that light is one of the best intangible assets that a society can benefit from”.

The inauguration, in which a commemorative plaque was unveiled in the chapel of the Presentation, was also attended by the dean of the Cathedral, Vicente Rebollo, and the vice-president of the Cathedral VIII Centenary Foundation -Burgos 2021, Antonio Miguel Méndez Pozo, who saw in this initiative a “nice ending” for the year 2021 and predicted that it will be “an important starting point to position” the temple, the city and the province. Also in attendance were the Mayor of Burgos, Daniel de la Rosa, and the Minister of the Presidency of the Junta de Castilla y León, Ángel Ibáñez.

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