11 Dec 2020

A 2021 of exhibitions and commitment to history

In 2021 culture will also make its way through an extensive exhibition programme that will show what Burgos was like in 1921, bring Las Edades del Hombre to Burgos Cathedral under the name ‘Lux’ or take the greatest heritage treasures of the Castilian province to the Museum of Santa Cruz in Toledo in ‘Burgos-Toledo. Origins…

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 18 Nov 2020

The VIII Centenary of Saint Dominic: first steps

The 6th of August 2021 will be the 800th anniversary of the death of the patron saint of the province of Burgos and founder of the Order of Preachers, St. Dominic of Guzman. And to commemorate this event, yesterday a commission was set up in his home town, Caleruega, to organise the events that will…

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 06 Nov 2020

Burgos Cathedral hosts its first organ duel

Burgos Cathedral experienced its first organ duel and twice. Four organists, two each day, played at the same time and challenged each other from the organs of the central nave in the temple choir. “These two concerts are an unprecedented musical event, as it is the first time in the history of the Cathedral that…

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 30 Oct 2020

The VIII Centenary meets Beethoven Year in Burgos Cathedral

The Freixenet Symphony Orchestra of the Reina Sofía School of Music paid homage to Ludwig Van Beethoven, on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of his birth, with a concert as part of the events to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the Burgos temple in 2021. The conductor Pablo Heras-Casado from Granada led the recital…

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 29 Oct 2020

La Vuelta 2021 saldrá desde la Catedral de Burgos por el VIII Centenario

La Vuelta 2021 partirá desde un lugar insólito: la Catedral de Burgos. “Nunca antes una prueba ciclista ha salido de una catedral”, recordó el director general de La Vuelta, Javier Guillén, durante el acto de presentación del inicio de la ronda ciclista del próximo año. Se convertirá así en uno de los eventos principales dentro…

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 26 Oct 2020

Young piano figure Dmytro Choni played at the high altar of Burgos Cathedral

The Ukrainian pianist Dmytro Choni gave a recital at the high altar of Burgos Cathedral last Tuesday 13th October. This young musician is one of the most relevant promises of his generation and in 2018 he won the first prize of the Santander International Piano Competition Paloma O’Shea The Cathedral VIII Centenary Foundation. Burgos 2021…

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