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20 July 2021 will be the 800th anniversary of the laying of the first stone of the new Gothic cathedral of Burgos and that is the reason why the Cathedral 8th-Centenary Foundation. Burgos 2021 was born, with the aim of joining the city of Burgos around the celebration of the Cathedral 8th-Centenary, through the development of various cultural and social projects throughout the following four years.

The “Cathedral 8th-Centenary Foundation. Burgos 2021”, promoted by Archdiocese of Burgos, the Metropolitan Canonry, the Burgos Chamber of Commerce and under the Honorary Presidency of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain, is formed, with inclusive intention, by all the institutions and organizations in the city and the province, integrating all of them and pursuing the common Good.

The main aim is to impulse new dynamics for the future based on the past. A try to consolidate the European conscience and setting up networks and new cultural and economic relationships. The Foundation plans a wide commemorative programming that will extend from 2018 to 2022, including cultural activities such as exhibitions, concerts or conferences, with the aim of celebrating the eight centuries of history of Burgos Cathedral.

But the participation of people from Burgos is the most important, as long as ther initiatives and ideas as core ideas for the celebration of the Cathedral 8th-Centenary. With this project, the Foundation pretends to create synergies with other proposals in the province to consolidate Burgos as land of origins. Beside Burgos Cathedral, main pillar of the celebration, the Foundation is focused in some important projects for Burgos and its province, such as Atapuerca archeological sites and the Way of St James, both World Heritage by Unesco, the Geopark Las Loras, also recognized by Unesco, the Spanish language, the Way of El Cid and the Consulate of the Sea.

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